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buyer profile
The target buyer for 1421 Oneida live/work loft condo’s is young, professional, and most likely a member of the Cultural Creative market segment. Cultural Creatives fashion lives that support their values: they seek a balanced existence and authentic experiences, reject abject consumerism and are attuned to environmental sustainability and social balance.

new urbanism
The Montclair neighborhood draws those seeking the tree-sheltered atmosphere of an old neighborhood with the culture and vibrancy of nearby shops and restaurants plus the outdoor, active lifestyle the nearby park offers. Young Cultural Creatives seek an alternative to buying a house in Montclair neighborhood, which can be cost prohibitive to many new buyers.

blank canvases
The Oneida habitat offers the community and low maintenance of a multifamily dwelling nestled in the heart of an established neighborhood.
The minimal finish of our units is perfect for the Cultural Creative, most of whom are alienated by the new home market and prefer to do their own decorating and remodeling. Cultural Creatives value experiences over material consumerism, and the simplicity of our units appeal to their eclectic sensibilities.

demographics of target buyers
• Age: 24 -38
• Ethnicity varied
• Gender both
• Median Income $40,000 - $65,000
• Occupations: Creative workers, tech workers, entrepreneurs
• Geographic origin and influence from metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.